My name is Chris Holman, and I am running for Portage County Executive in 2018.


I am running with the intention of ensuring that the office of Portage County Executive represents each and every citizen of Portage County, and as a newcomer to the race who is neither a current member of the county board nor the previous administration, I believe that I am uniquely suited to this task.


I am a farmer, A US Army veteran, and I have a strong reputation of working on a non-partisan basis for family farms in Central Wisconsin and beyond. I also spent nearly a decade as a university lecturer including teaching stints at UW-Madison and UWSP. I am currently on the Wisconsin Farmers Union board and the National Farmers Union board, both of which are non-partisan organizations.


Locally, I spent nearly two years working with a strong committee of fellow farmers and others to update Portage County’s Farmland Preservation Plan. I understand both the nature of bureaucracy and how to run a business, and the position of county executive embodies both of these things.


If I am privileged enough to be elected to this position, I will work diligently to improve county agriculture, increase the capacity of rural Portage County, strengthen local government, develop a balanced budget, and evaluate and re-invent the office of County Executive.

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Here’s a photo from a week or so ago when all three of us candidates spoke to the UWSP College Democrats. I said it that night, but I want to repeat it here. The campaigns each of us ran for the primary were very positive, our professionalism showed, and we disagreed without being disagreeable. It was refreshing, and it’s what we all deserve more of when it comes to politics. We should all be proud of our campaigns.

So thank you to Jacowski for Portage County Executive and Jami Gebert for Portage County Executive for the tremendous amount of work they put in to their campaigns. We all sacrificed a lot of time with our families and close ones to give Portage County voters three excellent choices to choose from in the primary. I think that the turnout we saw on a terribly icy day shows that people appreciate that. Thank you, too, for serving the county in your respective roles. I hope that all three of us can inspire more involvement in local politics. See MoreSee Less

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Every year, I go to Madison and Washington, D.C. to be a citizen lobbyist on important issues being faced here in our county, in the state and across the country.

Today, I joined a large delegation of Wisconsin Farmers Union members at the Capitol, and we connected with every member of the Assembly and Senate. The focus issues for our meetings were:

1) Protecting the state’s groundwater and well water quality,

2) Building broadband infrastructure, and

3) Rural economic development.

A couple of things I’ve learned from these experiences over the years is that we need to create more bipartisan efforts that include multiple stakeholders in order to maximize our odds of being met with success on the issues of the day. We also need to find ways to get back some local control from the state while simultaneously finding the creative and constructive ways around the obstacles we face when it comes to power and authority.

As County Executive I will continue to press these and other issues. My experience and my approach as an Independent will help to distill the strongest ideas from all sides so that we can piece together the sort of durable solutions that partisan politics has mostly failed at achieving. See MoreSee Less

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That 2,713 in the middle is us. Thank you for your votes, and thank you for your support. I am looking forward to the next several weeks of work that lies ahead, and I am both honored and humbled to have received so much support from both rural and urban voters in the county. I look forward to working hard to show you why I’m the right choice for Portage County on April 3rd and beyond. See MoreSee Less

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